Basic composting toilet

Basic composting toilet


This is the most basic version of our popular Bog Standard composting toilet, which uses either  the age-old bucket system for collecting humanure or a variation on the pit latrine and is great for use in your school, garden or on your allotment.

Wonderfully simple, this system requires no water or electricity, and is free of smells when managed well. All you need to add into the bucket is a handful of soak (sawdust or other carbon rich material) after each use.

These waterless toilets are particularly practical for use in rural areas where pit latrines are common and rain is uncommon. The whole toilet can be placed over the pit and the urine separator beneath the seat keeps the solid waste dry, odour free and optimises the composting process.   They are safe for children to use and require no water. Sanitation can be done before and after use with a spray bottle in the way that by now we’ve all become accustomed to.

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This toilet works well where pits can conveniently be dug or already exist and when using the bucket method the usage is relatively low (two to three people a day). Otherwise our Bog Standard toilet or any of the other designs that work on the wheelie bin system would be more appropriate.

Ideal for rural schools, low rainfall areas, organic farms or anywhere  that the need to conserve water is high, i.e. everywhere.


Wooden compost toilet building, supplied flat-pack
Urine separator with attachments and hosing
 Wooden toilet seat with lid
Toilet roll dispenser
 Easy to follow self-assembly instructions



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