Designer Compost Toilet

Designer Compost Toilet


This Designer Compost Toilet was built in collaboration with fellow South African wood worker and designer Ryan Frank, who specialises in beautiful and functional furniture made from ply.

Like the Bog Standard and the Gypsy Caravan composting toilets, this compost loo uses the wheelie bin composting system for collecting and storing the humanure, and a urine separating system to ensure no smells and a high grade end compost product.

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A stylish and spacious, designer wooden composting toilet that will add some charm to your surroundings, wherever you choose to put your loo.

Originally commissioned for an equestrian centre in Cambridgeshire, this compost toilet is an ideal solution for people looking to put toilet facilities on a remote site without water or electricity, or simply looking for an attractive toilet building to complement the natural environment.

Popular on glamping and camping sites, school playing fields and allotment sites. Our composting toilets offer excellent functionality in a beautiful wooden structure, built by hand using local and sustainably sourced materials.



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